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Rocky's Road Trip
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in Rocky's Road Trip!'s LiveJournal:

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Monday, October 31st, 2005
11:54 am
While cleaning out my storage unit this past weekend (always a harrowing archeological adventure), I discovered a little someone hiding out...

Saturday, November 27th, 2004
2:47 pm
thanksgiving 3
There weren't many pictures taken, largely because Rocky did not accompany us to the actual Thanksgiving dinner -- while he is a sucker for turkey and dressing, he's been counting calories lately, and thought it best just to avoid temptation. Plus, there were going to be small children there, and Rocky doesn't always get along with small children (arie's angel Sage notwithstanding). He is, after all, a very old raccoon.

But we all had a good, relaxing time of things! Rocky hopes you all had wonderful Thanksgivings, too.

Thanksgiving in Vermont 3Collapse )

And that's all for Thanksgiving! The next big spat of pictures will probably be when drmoonpants and I strike out for Texas in a couple weeks. So stay tuned for the adventures of Rocky as he travels through a bunch of red states with a Saturn station wagon, several liberal bumper stickers, and two lesbian grad students!

Current Mood: bouncy
2:38 pm
thanksgiving 2
Thanksgiving in Vermont 2Collapse )

Current Mood: complacent
2:32 pm
thanksgiving 1
So Rocky went with me and drmoonpants to her parents' house in Vermont for Thanksgiving. Well, not really; we went up there for the time surrounding Thanksgiving, then went to Massachusetts for the actual turkey meal. But we spent some time in Vermont, which was more time in Vermont than either he or I had ever spent in Vermont before.

Thanksgiving in Vermont 1Collapse )

Current Mood: quixotic
Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004
1:51 pm
'West Hollywood is very supportive of alternative species.'
Sadly, as I voted by absentee ballot this year, Rocky did not get to help me cast my vote at a polling place.

But lizlet got a little help from a certain somebody....

Current Mood: nervous
Monday, September 13th, 2004
12:13 pm
trip planning
Last night, I was bored and drmoonpants was stir-crazy, so we just went out and drove around a while. About the time we crossed into one of the Oranges, she suggested that we make a trip to White Castle. Sadly, the impulse trip was thwarted on the grounds that not only do I not know where the local White Castles are, I have never entered a White Castle in my life, and besides, we were neither hungry nor stoned anyway.

Today, I searched the Internet and found the White Castle nearest us. And look! Look at all the interesting things you can make with the burgers! Holy crap! Isn't that amazing? Never before in my life have I seen so many delicious dishes mutilated by the addition of tiny, square hamburgers to the ingredient list!

Rocky may well need to make a trip there sometime in the near future. Just sayin'.

Current Mood: contemplative
Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004
8:35 am
baltimore 6
Baltimore's Inner Harbour is a place of many fine eating establishments, and if you're ever there, you should go eat in the brewery that's on the other side of the food court. Not only is the food pretty darn good, but they give you free soft pretzels with your meal. I mean, you can't beat that with a stick.

Baltimore 6Collapse )

And that's all for this trip. Tune in next time, when we ... go somewhere else!

Current Mood: sore
8:29 am
baltimore 5
Often has the question been asked, what is the point of cosplay if you're not going to make out? In fact, Rocky wonders this every time he gets near one of these events. Unless your costume is tremendously hot or tremendously clever, your only avenue for salvation is in public demonstrations of affection.

When I was small, I wore a birdie costume for Halloween, and Rocky got to travel in a papier-maché egg, but I don't think it's quite the same thing.

Baltimore 5Collapse )

Current Mood: nostalgic
8:22 am
baltimore 4
In one of these pictures, you can see very clearly Rocky's new nose job. Specifically, his little brown nose has been cracked for years, and part of it finally just gave up the ghost. Reattachment surgery seems hopeful if we can find the piece in question, but as it stands, he's a little half-nosed, and we all have to be a little more gentle. Being an old raccoon isn't for sissies.

When I saw that his nose had broken, I cried. Really.

Baltimore 4Collapse )

Current Mood: calm
Monday, August 2nd, 2004
11:14 pm
baltimore 3
You know, I've made a lot of anime, Harry Potter, and Stephen King references, particularly in these last few posts. I'm comfortable with this.

Baltimore 3Collapse )

Current Mood: crazy
11:00 pm
baltimore 2
You know, the nice thing about going to Baltimore while there's a huge con on is that I can carry around Rocky and no one looks at me funny. Well, any funnier than they look at the six-foot black guy in the Card Captor Sakura outfit. I kept waiting for someone to ask me what anime he was from, but it didn't happen.

Baltimore 2Collapse )

Current Mood: sleepy
10:54 pm
baltimore 1
It's time for ... more pictures! This round is from drmoonpants and my trip to Baltimore, where we did not attend Otakon, but got to see lots of people who did.

Traffic on the way down was bad, as evidenced by the third picture, and what should have taken us four hours or so took nearly six. At one point, Rocky offered to eat everyone for me, but I told him it was bad for his stomach. He's getting to be a very old raccoon, and can't digest eighteen-wheelers anymore.

Baltimore 1Collapse )

Current Mood: bouncy
Monday, May 10th, 2004
5:25 pm
Rocky: The Early Years
While I was looking through pictures yesterday, trying to find a suitable tribute to my mother, I realise that what this community needs -- besides more frequent updates -- is a better sense of its history. After all, Rocky is a very old raccoon -- twenty-two this past February -- and has a long and illustrious career of being the camera's center of attention. So I thought, why not share a few snapshots from Rocky's formative years?

And so, I present to you, in vaguely chronological order, a brief glimpse into Rocky's early life.

Rocky: The Early YearsCollapse )

Current Mood: hungry
Saturday, May 1st, 2004
12:08 am
general conference 6
And eventually we came home. Well, most of us did; two of our group had to stay through Saturday (which is today), and will be getting on 6PM busses so they can arrive at their destinations at 6AM so they can do church stuff. But at least they're getting paid for it.

General Conference 6Collapse )

And that's all of Rocky's travels for now! But more adventures lurk on the horizon...

Current Mood: sleepy
12:04 am
general conference 5
There was something surreal about the trip, really. I mean, a bunch of classmates and I got into a bus, travelled to a school-related activity, stayed in hotels provided by the school, and had to be up at indecent hours to participate in what it was we came for. It was like doing UIL field trips in high school, except now everyone could drink and no one put tape across our doors to make sure we didn't sneak out in the middle of the night.

We did spent Wednesday night in the hotel pub, too. About half of us ordered beers, and one beer got spilled across the table and into a (recently cleaned) ashtray, and one of the guys offered the I-bet-you dollar (bet you can't guess why it's called that) to anyone who'd drink it. Jennifer won the dollar.

General Conference 5Collapse )

Current Mood: (blrg. too much alfredo.)
Friday, April 30th, 2004
8:05 am
general conference 4
After taking the first photograph with Jorge, I reached to take Rocky back; Jorge, however, looked a little sad at me and asked if he could hold Rocky just a little while longer. I told him of course he could, and Jorge did just that! The two of them sat together while we all had breakfast in a little diner, and Jorge commented on what a good listener Rocky is. According to Jorge, Rocky has the kind of face that just says 'tell me all your troubles.' And you know what? He does.

Plus, Jorge saved Rocky when Rocky accidentally got knocked off the napkin dispenser and perilously toward the ketchup-mustard conglomeration Delyn had on her plate. I think Rocky got his phone number.

General Conference 4Collapse )

And that's all for today! I'll finish up the batch tomorrow. I should so go back to sleep.

Current Mood: accomplished
7:59 am
general conference 3
They decided to have a combined seminary choir this year -- to take all the seminary choirs that could come and smoosh them together into a single choir, under the direction of a single directior. Now, I though the director was very talented, but she was classically trained and expected everyone else to be, so when she gave the 'put your folders down but don't sit down' sign, everyone else from my choir sat down.

Partly I miss working with that kind of classical professionalism. That being said, no choir directed by a woman with a baton has any business doing a spiritual that involves side-to-side movement and clapping.

Rocky truly does have open minds, open hearts, and open doors.

General Conference 3Collapse )

Current Mood: awake
7:55 am
general conference 2
All right, so I was at the United Methodist General Conferece in Pittsburgh these past two days, and Rocky of course came with me, so there was fun and frollicking for all! It's amazing how willing a bunch of Methodists are to pose with a stranger, but Rocky's got the kind of loving charm that cuts through the ice and says, hey! I wanna be your friend.

General Conference 2Collapse )

Current Mood: sleepy (and sniffly)
Thursday, April 29th, 2004
11:13 pm
general conference 1
Explaination tomorrow, first batch of pictures tonight. And now, I collapse.

General Conference 1Collapse )

Current Mood: exhausted
10:00 pm
We want more Rocky!
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